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Exploring New Tools

Page history last edited by Ronaldo Lima Jr 14 years, 3 months ago

List below tools you learned to use by experimenting with fellow webheads.  Describe briefly what your experimentation consisted of.


Ronaldo Lima Jr (Brazil):

Most of the tools I use I learned with webheads, but here is an example of one that I tried out during my first BaW (2007). It is a threaded discussion in Chinswing, which I created just to test the tool, but then it got  its own way and peoplpe keep leaving comments, even people that I don't know, which is great to show the power of web 2.0 tools. Here is the link to the discussion:



Stella Saubidet (Argentina):

I think all the tools I use are the result of the co-work with other webheads. I'm used to visiting other webheads' sites/wikis/blogs and I take ideas from them.

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barbitta@... said

at 11:15 am on Aug 26, 2008

I have learnt to manage many different tools in Second LIfe by exchanging ideas with Nergiz, Daf, Maru and Dennis.

We have weekly meetings in Second Life (SL) at Webheads HQ at Edunation III where we focus on what to do better in SL related to the tools that are availabe and the ones we can also create for teaching.

Attending conferences in Second Life offered by Gavin at his island, has helped me approach to many tools that he has kindly shared with Educators to improve our Education in SL

Dennis Oliver said

at 12:39 pm on Sep 28, 2008

Two of the Web tools I use most frequently are DreamWeaver (an html editor) , Graphic Converter (which converts graphics from one filetype to others and is also an excellent basic digital photo editor), and blogs. I discovered the first two of these tools years ago—Graphic Converter totally on my own, and DreamWeaver both on my own and as a result of recommendations made on the TESL-L e-list. I also discovered blogs on my own not long after they first began to appear on the Web, but I didn't like them in the early days, so I quickly became uninvolved. Through the Webheads, however, I discovered how powerful blogs can be in computer-mediated teaching and learning, and I got re-involved with them.

Thanks to the Webheads, I've also discovered a variety of other Web tools that I use (some very frequently)—such as Chinswing (I added a comment to the discussion Ronaldo mentioned above), VoiceThread, Evoca Voice Recorder, Audacity (for audio recording and conversion of audio files to .mp3), Zamzar (free online file conversion), the Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Instant Messenger, WiZiQ, Tapped In (I usually participate in the Webheads Sunday-morning chat sessions), wikis, moodles, and much more. In addition, again thanks to the Webheads, I discovered the yearly EVOnline Seminars and have enrolled in one or more every year for the past several years. Finally, once more thanks to the Webheads, I've been able to participate, for the last several years, in EVO sessions broadcast live from the annual TESOL conventions.

Thanks, Webheads! You're a constant source of information and hints and help on an enormous variety of online tools and resources, and I'm very grateful!

D. O.

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