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Face to Face Webhead Encounters

Page history last edited by Dennis Oliver 14 years, 1 month ago

List below, and add pictures if possible, your favorite f2f encounters with other webheads.


The webheads f2f wiki:



Ronaldo Lima Jr (Brazil):

f2f meeting during the TESOL 2008 in NYC (album with Casa Thomas Jefferson teachers and webheads):

NYC + CTJ and Webheads


Carla Arena (Brazil/Florida):

These are the latest photos we aggregated in Flickr. The Webheads have a group there, and members add their get-togethers to the photo pool.




Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


Webhead Meeting August 2007 - Susan Burg (An American in Italy) and Carla Arena (A Brazilian in the US)



BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.



Webhead Meeting January 2008 in Key West, FL - Elisabeth Hanson-Smith, Jane Petring and Carla Arena


Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


Erika Cruvinel (Brazil):

Some webheads' meetings

1. Erika Cruvinel and Graham Stanley in Braz-TESOL 2008 in Fortaleza.


2. Meeting in Fukuoka - WorldCALL 2008

Erika Cruvinel- Brazil
Evelyn Izquierdo- Venezuela
Jennifer Verschoor - Argentina
Hala Fawzi - Sudan
Susan Marandi - Iran
Nina Lyulkun - Ukraine
Vance Stevens - Abu Dhabi
Neny Isharyanti - Indonesia
Nelba Quintana - Argentina
Berta Leiva (Venezuela):
Webheads meeting other Webheads. I have met Jane Petring three

times already (Toronto and Montreal), and Sharon Holdner here in

Ontario (she had not participated in the group anymore but stays in

touch with some people); also with Patricia Globowski here in

Toronto and I guess colleagues like Dafne, Evelyn,Leticia and Rubena

do not count, ha, ha. I missed meeting Carla in Miami as she was

visiting her family in Boston and Brazil at the time I went by. I

have some photos but Teresa has kept a nice record in one of her

Webhead pages.


Hala Fawzi (Sudan):

This is a Bubbleshare album  I created  for my f2f encounter in Fukuoka, Japan. There are more photos if you look for  the most interesting pictures tagged with worldcall08 at flickr. It was as if we have known each other for ages. I had the most amazing time in my life with  the webheads. http://tinyurl.com/69haz2


Claire Bradin Siskin (USA):


Meeting with María Jordano in Granada, Spain, in 2006:



Webheads in Brazil, 2007:



Saša Sirk (Slovenia)

Meeting with Cris Costa in Izola, Slovenia, August 07



Dennis Oliver  (USA)



(R to L) Calvin and Leanne Mackenzie, D. Oliver in Tempe, AZ (November 2007)


What a pleasure it was to meet with Leanne and Calvin Mackenzie

in November 2007. They were staying with part of Calvin's family

in Mesa, AZ (a "satellite city" southeast of Phoenix proper) while

repairs to their bus were being done. We had lunch together and

then returned to their amazing bus for one of Leanne's fabulous

desserts and for updates on their trek from Kamloops, BC to

México (where they've now settled down in Oaxaca). My only

regret was that I wasn't able to meet their amazing feline child,

Spike (he was in Mesa, but the bus was in Tempe). See Leanne's

"Ventana Vistas" blog HERE.


                     Claire (left) and Dennis (right) at Mimi's (11-10-08)


I also enjoyed meeting lWebhead Claire Bradin-Siskin at Mimi's Cafe

in West Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. on October 11th, 2008; Claire was

in the Phoenix area for a visit to the site for the March 2009 CALICO

conference and touched me by renting a car and driving about 30

miles, one way, to see me. It was a marvelous meeting—we found many

common friends and colleagues and acquaintances—and talked and

laughed and shared until Claire realized she needed to head back to

Tempe (location of the main campus for Arizona State University)

to check out of her hotel and head to the airport for her trip back

to Pittsburgh.




Comments (1)

Dennis Oliver said

at 2:31 pm on Sep 28, 2008

I briefly met Webheads Founder (and Chief Cat-Herder) Vance Stevens after a Webheads presentation that he gave at a TESOL conference—either in Seattle, WA U.S.A. (1998) or in Vancouver, BC, Canada (2000). I'm sure I've also met other Webheads who are affiliated with TESOL, since I've attended at least 10 TESOL conferences (the first in 1978 in Mexico City). I became intrigued with the Webheads when I first heard Vance speak about them, but I was reluctant to join because I thought they were so much more computer-savvy and tech-proficient than I am that I would never be able to fit in. Finally, three or four years ago, I took the plunge and joined them. Since that time, I've "met" many, many Webheads online and feel very positively connected to many of them no matter where they're based—the Americas, Europe, Asia, North Africa, the Middle East—but thus far, I've only met Vance and Leanne Mackenzie face to face (though I'll soon meet Claire Bradin-Siskin, too). I treasure my Webheads friends and colleagues: they're an extraordinarily warm, supporting, giving community.

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