Dear Webheads!


I gave the presentation "Webheads in Action: An Online Community of Practice" at the Washington Area TESOL (WATESOL) Fall Convention at Northern Virginia Community College/Annandale on October 4, 2008.  To prepare for this presentation, I asked the webheads to provide examples of collaborative projects, exploring new tools, interaction with other webheads' students in different countries, and f2f encounters.  I got such a great response that I couldn't possible cover everything in the presentation, so I chose a few examples and included a link to this wiki on my handout.  I have uploaded the PowerPoint and handout to the files section of the wiki.  If you would like to view these files, I will need to add you to the wiki, so send me an email and I will do that.  Everything else on the wiki--examples, testimonials, photos, slideshows, and links--should be available to anyone who wishes to view them.


The response to my request, in itself, is a great example of the webheads' spirit of helpfulness.


The presentation went very well, thanks to you all.  Webheads rule!


Nina Liakos

October 4, 2008



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