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Webheads Helping Webheads

Page history last edited by Dennis Oliver 14 years, 2 months ago

Describe below how you helped, or were helped by, a fellow webhead:


Stella Saubidet (Argentina):

I was getting more and more involved with the new tech and I got lost with the numerous programs/software I had to download: passwords, sites, nicknames, etc. I asked for help and Dafne told me she kept a little notebook with all the data, and when she had to use any of these tools, she simply went to the "precious notebook".

I found many examples or interesting stuff and I downloaded delicio.us but I didn't know how to open my account from another computer, I sent a help-mail and a few minutes later Teresa sent me the answer.

there are many other examples of similar (now minor problems) that I came across and were solved immediately!


Dennis Oliver (Arizona):

One example of Webheads helping Webheads occurred a couple of months ago, when I received an important document with the extension .docx. It was a Word document, but I couldn't open it even though I have Word (and other components of Microsoft Office) and have been using versions of this software for many years. I asked for help with this problem in a Webheads Sunday chat session and learned that Zamzar could be used to convert .docx to .doc, which would solve my problem. I took the document to Zamzar, as suggested, and got a readable, editable version of the document  I had formerly been unable to open, read, or change.


Another example of value-received from Webheads has been the advice I've already received and will continue to receive about getting a new Mac that will allow me to access both Mac- and Windows-based programs. I need to know which version of Windows system software and which Windows-access program to get and also which version of Microsoft Office to update to. I got some very good advice today in the Tapped In chat and expect to receive more advice later.


Berta Leiva (Venezuela):


As to Webheads helping other Webheads, I am sure you will find

tons of instances in our groups, from reducing the size of a

picture, to using pbwiki, as Nergiz just did with you, ha, ha ;-)

You have an example right there. The most recent one in LwC was

Maryanne Burgo´s question on printscreens. I always find Larry´s and

Nick´s blogs very interesting, although I do not get to experiment

with many of the tools they mention because of lack of time.


In my http://bleiva2003.motime.com/ blog where I write

instructions on what has worked for me, I sometimes get comments

from Webheads saying they have learned how to use certain tools from

my posts. I don´t write in it that often anymore. I feel I am

getting a bit tired and so many things going on at the same time.


Hala Fawzi (Sudan):

It was my first webcasted presentation, when teachers from around the globe were supposed to join colleagues at the  British Council, Khartoum back in June 2006. http://tinyurl.com/5k7a9b Teresa (Portugal) and Cristina Costa ( Portuguese in UK)  offered their help. They spent long hours online , going over my slides, listening to my worries, sharing their knowledge, giving me backup moral support. They were with me until midnight before the day of the presentation. I was like a baby holding tight to  his mum’s hand  on his first day in school. Eventually, Cristina emailed me  asking about my address to send “something”, which, unfortunately, didn’t arrive in the time of the presentation. She sent me a new headset,  because we encountered problems in hearing during my rehearsal. “Break a leg.  I will be there t applaud to you” were the words written on the back of the card: http://tinyurl.com/5vs65j Andy, the owner  of Alado room, offered me countless tutorials for the how-to use the room. He was online with the technician of the BC 2 hours before we started.  I would have never delivered  a successful presentation without Terea, Cristina and Andy! http://halafawzi.wikispaces.com/

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barbitta@... said

at 11:09 am on Aug 26, 2008

First of all I became part of a fantastic net of Educators who pursue the same objective: Give the best to our students using what the net offers.cou
Being memeber of Webheads approached me to a varied number of activities and could know what is happening around the world related to Education.
In 2006 I could hear what Second Life was about because of Webheads. Since then, I have been doing my own research and now with a group of Webheads we
continue investigating and helping each other to understand how Second Life works in Distance Education.
Being a Webhead has helped me being in touch with educators that I would have had the chance to meet.

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